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For music lovers out there, whether a newbie wanting to learn how to play the guitar or the drums or an experienced artist wanting to share ideas and songs, here is a place for you.

Songsterr is a site of compilations of guitar, bass and drum tabs. The tabs are collection from music lovers, but practically anyone can submit their own tab. Though anyone can contribute, Songsterr still is credible since it is maintained by experts editors. You can also make changes on existing tabs, but still overseen by the editors, and you need not worry because any mistakes done on the tabs can be easily reversed.

Songsterr also is an online tab player and while playing a song, the tab player automatically scrolls through the tabs. The tab players also has an equalizer where you can adjust volumes and/or control which instruments you would like to hear. You can even change the instrument even while the tab is playing.

Songsterr also has:

  • You can choose between Free and Songsterr Plus. Songsterr Plus offers additional features and choices but for a monthly price.
  • Songsterr also has an IOS application for IPhones, and for Androids.
  • API or Application Programming Interface which allows users to manipulate or design how they present data at Songsterr through REST style xml.
  • Just Added Tabs, where you can find the latest tab additions and latest tabs searched.
  • A How To Read Tabs guide, which contains comprehensive and graphical information needed for first time users to better understand and read tabs.

Songsterr : What makes it different?

There are a lot of sites offering guitar tabs out there, but read on for some Songsterr features.

Here are some details:

  • The tab player is embedded on a single page, which means that you dont need to open a new window for the tab player, you can listen to the song by just clicking the Play button.
  • If you're on a subscription at Songsterr Plus, you can have additional features on the tab player such as Tempo Control, Fullscreen, Volume, Loop, Zoom, Solo, Chromatic Tuner, Metronome, Focus Mode, and Ad Free. These additional functions are available on the tab player.
  • The tabs submitted can be tagged whether of its genre, artist, or its decade. You can click on the tags to find a tab.
  • You can search for tabs and can choose automatically what instrument, date, speed, lyrics and vocals you want the tab to have.
Songsterr vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Songsterr )

Songsterr vs. Ultimate Guitar

  • Ultimate Guitar only offers tab for guitar, while with Songsterr, you can have tabs for drums.
  • When searching for a song tab, before clicking on the song, Songsterr allows you to select first the details on how you want the tab to be, on Ultimate Guitar, you have to choose from numerous entries which one suits your needs.
  • Choosing a song tab at Songsterr directs you to a tab player with everything on the song but the vocals, at Ultimate Guitar, you can only see a textual form including the lyrics and the tabs.
  • Ultimate Guitar offers chords, but Songsterr only has tabs.

Songsterr vs. Guitare Tab

Guitare Tab and Ultimate Guitar are very much alike in format and function.

  • Guitare Tab also only offers tab for guitar, not drums as Songsterr has.
  • Guitare Tab also is in text form, and the tab player is separate from the page, unlike Songsterr, where playing a tab is a breeze.
  • Searching for a tab at Guitare Tab involves browsing through the search results, while at Songsterr, only one tab entry fro a song.
  • Guitare Tabs has entries for songs showing chords, while at Songsterr, only the tabs.
Songsterr : Pricing & packages

Songsterr has Songsterr Plus where you can enjoy functions not availble on the Songsterr Free. The Songsterr Free is, of course, free for anyone to use.

You can subscribe for $9.90 per month, you can cancel your subsciption anytime, and you will be billed on the current month, and not be billed again for the next.

They also have one-time payments if you don't want to be charged monthly:

  • $29 for 3 months
  • $55 for 6 months
  • $99 for 12 months

The Songsterr also has a tab player applicaition for iOS and Androids for playbacks of songs and tabs.

  • The Songsterr Application for IOS for both IPhone and IPad costs $9.99, while Ultimate Guitar's Application for IOS, the lowest versions, costs $1.99.
  • The Songsterr Application for Android costs $2.99, while Ultimate Guitar Application for Android costs $1.99.

Songsterr : Product images & screenshots
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Songsterr : Customer reviews & comments

Songsterr review are overwhelmingly positive, one customer said that,

"I would definitely recommend Songsterr Plus to everybody who learn playing guitar. It’s simple and user-friendly way to play songs you like, no matter what is your level." Kevin Wimer (

and also anothe says that,

"Most people start learning guitar for the only reason – to play their favorite songs. Songsterr Plus is a great way to learn a lot of new songs both for beginners and skilled guitarists." Paul Hackett (

But hey it has some low lights too, but not many, like this one,

"Has tabs, only searchable with popular and name, not by tuning or difficulty. I'm disappointed but not SUPER disappointed. 3" From Erin (

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